26-Point Checklist for Balancing Remote Work and Office

As quarantine measures around the world are gradually lifted, we must begin the process of reintegrating our remote workforces back into the office. Only you can determine if your employee can return to office safely and efficiently or dangerously and ineffectively. Do you have an actionable plan in place?

Because we definitely do! 

Moving Ahead Decisively

Head back to work with your free copy of our guide on Balancing Remote Work and the Workspace in COVID-19 to stay profitable and productive with a flexible working structure.

From over 60,000 employee interactions with Amber and our on-going discussions with more than 120+ CHROs, we bring you:

  • A comprehensive 26-point checklist for your remote and in-office workforce 
  • 6 insights straight from employees on why and how you can implement this hybrid, flexible work model 




Make sure your team is safe and productive amidst this crisis. Here’s some quick takeaways that you can plug into your organization today.

Sneak Peak into How You can Balance Remote Work and Office

  1. 49% employees are uncertain about their return to work. Implement the required safety measures like temperature monitoring, distribution of medical supplies, and workplace training on social distancing and safe workplace practices.

  2. 44% employees experience burnout working from home. Proactively engage and track the performance of both segments, but pay particular attention to mental health of your remote workforce. 

  3. 78% employees have everything needed to work from home. Schedule effectively to ensure that WFH employees and in office employees are on the same page w.r.t company meetings and events, and align on crucial dates for cross functional collaboration.

  4. Download your copy and go through our unlockdown guide today! 




What’s Next?

Now more than ever employees are looking to their company leaders to take the decisive actions we need to kickstart the economy. Making sure you effectively coordinate in office work and WFH while minding the safety procedures necessary for in person work is key to ensuring your future success.

Clay Walsh
Clay Walsh
Content Writer at inFeedo

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