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Understand your promoters like never before

Our eNPS survey blends with your employee listening program to
uncover insights that will help you attract new talent, & retain your top performers.

Employee experience

Enhance your employee listening program

Get a more holistic view of employee experience by collecting eNPS feedback from across your organisation, and analysing it alongside other key metrics.


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eNPS Feedback

Build a positive employer brand

Turn eNPS feedback into amazing referrals, raving reviews & build a culture that top talent wants to join.



Retain your high-performers

Learn whether your A-players are your promoters, what’s working well, what needs improvement, & exactly what needs to be done to make them stay.


Action Plan

Convert your detractors into promoters

Identify your detractors & what underlying causes drive their dissatisfaction with Amber. And, build AI-backed action plans to improve their bond with the company.


More than just an AI bot
Amber is your
Chief Officer

Amber combines the power of conversational-AI, an in-house NLP engine and machine learning to understand intent, respond with empathy, remember the entire conversation history, run sentiment analysis, uncover turnover indicators, trigger alerts and more.

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Amber for your eNPS surveys

Get an instant read on employee advocacy, delivers pivotal insights and recommends actions to improve engagement.

eNPS Survey

Create a traditional single-question eNPS survey, or add the NPS question to any of your employee surveys with Amber to track improvements in eNPS score, Identifying pain-points and converting your employees into advocates.

Early Warning System

Detect early signs of disengagement using our eNPS survey as part of your wider program on employee engagement. From sentiment analysis to keyword alerts, we help you stay on top of the pulse of your organization

Action Planning

Uncover people insights, and get AI-powered recommendation to fix the experience gaps with Amber’s real-time action planning repository. Take the guessing game out of employee satisfaction, and drive evidence-based actions.

Online Reviews

Build your online reputation and make yourself a talent magnet one review at a time. Amber integrates with job sites like Glassdoor to help you reroute and encourage your promoters to post a review, and make the most of your NPS feedback.

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Action planning
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It’s how strategic people leaders built their winning culture







"40% employees think that Amber is for real. She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way of interacting at scale."

Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO

“Amber has personally help me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had no one to talk to about.”

Mark Heap, CEO

“People are comfortable talking to Amber; they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and what they are going through.”

Rohit Sandal, CHRO

Our customers and their employees love Amber!

We are certain you will too.


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