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250+ CHROs have partnered with our
people science experts

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Hours of consultation


Data beyond
dashboard reports


Custom pulse designs

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Our People Science Team

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Becomes your strategic partner

Our people science team will be your strategic
business partner and help you with employee
insights beyond the dashboard.

We analyze millions of responses to help you understand what' s working, what' s not working, and how you can build a culture that your people love.

Group 1052 (1)

Is led by a proven EX framework

Defined by 7 key engagement drivers & 53 driver elements, our science-backed EX framework is a foundation for developing people-first strategies.

Our people science team uses this framework to provide you with a comprehensive measure of experience at every stage in an employee s tenure.

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Works with you closely during the transition

Our people science team is dedicated to helping you adopt Amber into your organization-wide listening strategy.

Our EX Framework is highly scalable and can absorb what' s needed with advanced integration capabilities.

Group 1014-1

Creates a listening strategy that is unique to you

From a simple pulse survey to a continuous listening strategy, our people science team has your back.

They will work with you to create curated question banks that can be used across all your employee journeys and empower you to make data-driven decisions by analyzing insights from employee feedback.

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Helps you benchmark against the industry

We use competitive intelligence from Amber s AI system, conversations with industry experts, and feedback from 700K+ employees to provide you with industry benchmarks and create strategies that meet the evolving needs of todays workplaces.

Driving the science-backed #peoplefirst ❤movement since 2016

Augmented employee voice and employee engagement using artificial intelligence-enabled chatbots: a field study.

Debolina Dutta, Sushanta Kumar Mishraa, Divya Tyagi

How our people science team
helped other enterprises


Reduction in infant



at-risk employees

(OLX Group)


Return on



"inFeedo-Amber has proved to be our most powerful platform to connect with 3 companies under IIFL’s parent organization."

Anand Mathur, Group Head, HR

“Amber has personally help me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had no one to talk to about.”

Mark Heap, CEO

Our team is trusted by the world's best

From getting featured in renowned academic institutions to partnering with prestigious academic institutions, our team has done it all!

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Ready to upgrade your EX strategy with science?

Book a personalised demo to find out how.

“Our confidence in Amber has gone up a notch for sure after hearing out your people-science team’s suggestions pertaining to Amber metrics and how can we better leverage the platform”


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