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Conversational AI
Conversational AI

Behind our products' warmth & empathy

State of AI and Automation in HR 2024 Featuring CHRO insights, real-world examples and proactive people strategies

Over 300 global HR leaders trust us
to empower their employees

Join 300+ modern CHROs leading the way

“We want to make sure that Employee Experience is not just a tagline, but something employees can feel on the ground.

Dudi Arisandi
Chief People Officer
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"Even if I 3x our HRBPs and they
spent 4x the hours with each
employee, this kind of insight would
NEVER have come."

Biplob Banerjee
Exec VP HR

"People are comfortable talking to
Amber, they are comfortable sharing
their thoughts, they are comfortable
sharing what they are going through."

Rohit Sandal

“Amber is really helping HR.
With this tool everyone can express
themselves and then you can
process all of that. It’s phenomenal."

Deep Kalra
Former CEO

“Honestly, Amber is a Godsend
to me.”

Anand Mathur
Group Head, HR
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What I like is people to meet. I can understand which people need my concern and I will select if the people who have concern is our top talent. That's becoming my problem. So I pay attention.

Dudi Arisandi, Chief People Officer

Interacting with [Amber] is done so well, it feels human, it feels natural, it feels like I am talking to someone who is listening to me.

Terri Bresenham, President & CEO

Amber has personally help me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had no one to talk to about.

Sonia and Mark, CHRO & CEO

Amber has made it so efficient for us to listen and gather feedback. Our team members are telling they feel valued and their opinions matter to us.

MaLu A. Inofre, First Vice President & CHRO

90% of employees Amber connects [with] respond, which I thought was a great win. People are comfortable talking to Amber; they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and what they are going through.

Rohit Sandal, CHRO

I don’t think we have seen or used anything like Amber. Post the recent merger with GoIbibo and RedBus, I am very excited about it.

Deep Kalra, Chairman & Group CEO

My personal take in this whole subject is that today, Amber is helping me prepare better for a qualitative human touch.

Biplob Banerjee, Ex-CHRO

A bot like Amber has the time, the patience, the memory, the empathy to understand and act on the problems.


We've discovered the technology to [measure employee engagement] better than just humans

Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO

I think the biggest difference we've seen with our employees is that after we've implemented Amber, they're really, really craving to speak out.

Frederick Yang, AVP Head of HR

We've been able to prevent attrition, in a lot of cases where attrition is due to misunderstanding, especially voluntary. I think she [Amber] has really helped us.

Abhishek Sen, Senior VP & Head - Human Capital

40% employees think that Amber is for real. She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way of interacting at scale.

Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO

What I really like Amber is, it's a 5 to 10 minutes routine I have in the morning. It's like showing you the mirror and saying this is the reality regardless of what you believe.

Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO

It's non-intrusive. It's almost part of the day. Does it in a manner which has very little friction to it.

Aditya Kohli, CHRO

It’s been five month since we have done that [deployed Amber], what has been very heartening is how easily employees have taken to her.

Rajeev Bhardwaj, CHRO

With the help of Amber, we know of the 4000 people, which are the top hundred cases that we want to actually really deep dive into.

Bhavana Kandari, VP - HR

It is era of ROI. From a Human Capital point of view, leveraging a tool like Amber is very very useful for us.

Rohit Suri, Chief HR & Talent Officer

Everyday I have emails from Amber, assuring me what I know and surprising me with what I don't know.

Manuel Vidal, Head of Uruguay Tech Center

Amber could surface out a lot of issues which in turn helped the leadership team and HR team to better plan the activities.

Himanshu Seth, AVP HR

We launched Amber two years back. The engagement level was about 85%; the [Amber] team told us this is one of the highest engagement [standards] that they have seen in any organization.

Manisha Agarwal, Head - HR

Amber is nimble enough to ask questions that are relevant to the organization, relevant to geography, relevant to people, individuals. After all as HR we are in the people business and that comes first.

Tauseef Qadri, Senior HR Leader

inFeedo-Amber has proved to be our most powerful platform to connect with 3 companies under IIFL’s parent organization.

Anand Mathur, Group Head, HR

Once you get to a certain size, not having tools like Amber is a death sentence to any organisation which doesn’t have analytics built into HR.

Sam Jain, Founder & CEO


GroupM is one of the early adopters of Amber. With over 3000 employees, 160 + departments. Amber is the single source of truth for the talent partners.


Puma captures & acts on employee feedback, sees positive impact across 91% factors affecting employee experience.


MMT (MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Redbus) connects with 3000+ employees in real-time after amega merger.


MediaCom connects with 2000+ employees in real-time & achieves 33X ROI in employee engagement with Amber.

Tata Cliq

Tata CLiQ adds AI to their engagement determination framework to prioritize & address each concern highlighted by employees.


AXA Affin complements bi-annual pulse surveys with AI & retains 78% at-risk employees.


AB InBev successfully drove up their annual employee engagement score to 90+ using Amber!


Sodexo Retains 100% of At-Risk Employees with AI


Godrej achieves almost 90% company-wide Response Rate with Amber!

Aboitiz Power

Aboitiz Power retained nearly 100% At-Risk employees by connecting with them during crucial milestones.

A multinational BFSI giant

With Amber, this global financial services giant scaled up organisation-wide Engagement score by 5% Each Year.


India Infoline seamlessly connects with 19000+ employees across 1000+ locations & multiple business units.


Altimetrik connects with 1500 employees in real-time across 16 locations & saves 64% at-risk employees.

TA Digital

TA Digital builds an extraordinary bond of trust with employees


Crompton connects with employees across 19 branches & redefines its onboarding process as an HR KRA.

Raheja QBE

Amber captures Raheja QBE’s amazing employee experience


Petrotec increases trust & transparency in the organization by ensuring each employee is heard.

Express Global Logistics

Express Global realises 4X ROI on employee engagement with Amber!


Sharaf DG connects with 1500+ employees across UAE, Oman,Bahrain & Egypt, retains 88% employees predicted at-risk by Amber.


Nilkamal decodes targeted people strategies using Amber's proactive intelligence

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