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Psychological safety survey

With our expertly designed psychological safety survey questions, get key insights to create a workplace that allows your employees to feel safe, secure, & supported.

Do you and your team regularly share learnings from wins and misses?
Mostly, yes!
When you're faced with challenges at work, does your manager support you?
What about your team? Can you count on them to support you as well?
Yes, to a great extent.

About Amber's psychological safety survey

Psychological safety in the workplace fosters an environment of trust where your employees are free to take risks, speak up without fear of negative repercussions, & be creative.

Our psychological safety survey questions are curated to uncover true employee confidence & help you build a high-performing culture.

Do your employees don’t ask many questions during meetings?
Do your executives or team leaders tend to dominate discussions?
Do your employees not ask one another for help when needed?
Are there hardly any disagreements or differing points of view?

Benefits of psychological safety survey

Gauge manager effectiveness

Understand how comfortable your employees are, identify what’s not letting your employees speak up freely, and proactively re-engage your team.

Improve employee morale

Get actionable insights to create an environment that cultivates constructive criticism rather than a lack of trust between employees & amplifies employee trust.

Avoid regrettable attrition

Mistrusting employees shows low engagement and can lead to absenteeism or attrition. Take proactive actions to retain your top talent.

Build a healthy work culture

From understanding your teammates deeply to guiding your managers to take corrective steps, build a culture that promotes innovation without fear.

  • Psychological safety survey questions
How would you describe your comfort in experimenting with new ideas and initiatives with your team?
Do you and your team regularly share learnings from wins and misses?
When you're faced with challenges at work, does your manager support you?
How comfortable do you feel in expressing an opinion that is completely different from the rest?

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"40% employees think that Amber is for real. She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way of interacting at scale."

Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO

“Amber has personally help me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had no one to talk to about.”

Mark Heap, CEO

“People are comfortable talking to Amber; they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and what they are going through.”

Rohit Sandal, CHRO

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