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Zoom fatigue survey

Uncover key insights to take proactive actions to help your remote employees avoid fatigue from virtual meetings with our Zoom fatigue survey!

How many meetings do you usually attend in a day?
Two or three
And what would you say about the duration of these meetings?
Some could be shorter
What portion of the meetings, in your opinion, are non-essential?

About Amber's zoom fatigue survey

Remote connectivity has fundamentally transformed traditional workplace sessions. And from webinars to team meetings can be conveniently conducted via video conferences. Yet, despite its advantages, remote working presents us with a new dilemma – Zoom fatigue, the feeling of mental exhaustion after a video conference call.

Our Zoom fatigue survey is expertly designed not to exacerbate virtual fatigue and help you turn video conferences into productive sessions!

Are your employees experiencing virtual burnout/fatigue?
How can you avoid unnecessary virtual meetings?
Do your teams need help collaborating virtually?
How are your employees coping with remote communication?

Benefits of zoom fatigue survey

Boost employee productivity

Uncover insights to help employees avoid losing productive hours participating in irrelevant or unnecessary meetings with Amber.

Improve employee retention

Amber identifies the earliest sign of disengagement and helps you drive proactive actions to avoid regrettable attrition.

Optimize the WFH experience

Help your managers implement remote working best practices with Amber’s actionable insights & set up your remote/distributed teams for success. 

Build highly-engaged teams

By helping your employees with a remote-friendly work environment, turn your employees into a highly-engaged performing workforce.

  • Zoom fatigue survey questions
How many meetings do you usually attend in a day?
How do you feel about video conferencing becoming an essential tool for everyday work?
If given a choice, would you prefer to keep your video off during most meetings?
Is relying on video conferencing for everyday work leading you to experience backache, headaches, or blurry vision?

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It’s how strategic people leaders built their winning culture







"40% employees think that Amber is for real. She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way of interacting at scale."

Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO

“Amber has personally help me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had no one to talk to about.”

Mark Heap, CEO

“People are comfortable talking to Amber; they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and what they are going through.”

Rohit Sandal, CHRO

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