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Employee onboarding survey

Use Amber’s onboarding survey to collect new hire feedback, improve the onboarding experience and increase employee engagement

Did the induction help you understand the organization better?
Somewhat, yes
Are you bonding well with your team?
To a large extent, yes
Do you have all the necessary tools and resources you need to get the job done?
Yes, absolutely!

About employee onboarding experience survey

Onboarding surveys typically cover topics such as the hiring process, the employee's first impressions of the company, their understanding of their role and responsibilities, and their overall satisfaction with their onboarding experience.

Amber helps you find crucial data about the effectiveness of your onboarding process. Gather feedback automatically at the end of onboarding and identify areas of improvement in your onboarding program to better support new employees in their transition to the organization.

How to identify potential gaps and improve the employee onboarding process?
How to improve the alignment between the employee's goals and the company's goals?
How can an onboarding experience survey help to increase employee retention rates?
How it helps the HRBPs to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture?

Benefits of onboarding experience survey

Measure onboarding effectiveness

Find out how well your onboarding program has helped your new employees take on new roles and succeed.

Prevent infant attrition

Get wind of dissatisfaction, if any, amongst your new hires and take prompt action with them to prevent infant attrition. 

Set the right expectations

Set the right precedent of having a listening culture within your organisation and the right expectation about what it looks like for your new employees to succeed in their roles.

Provides benchmark data

Conducting regular onboarding surveys can provide benchmark data that can be used to track progress and identify trends over time. 

  • Onboarding experience survey questions
How would you describe your on-boarding experience?
Did the induction help you understand the organization better?
Do you find the people here friendly and approachable?
Do you understand how your role contributes to the organizational goals?

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It’s how strategic people leaders built their winning culture







"40% employees think that Amber is for real. She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way of interacting at scale."

Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO

“Amber has personally help me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had no one to talk to about.”

Mark Heap, CEO

“People are comfortable talking to Amber; they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and what they are going through.”

Rohit Sandal, CHRO

Show off the listening culture right from onboarding

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