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Work-life balance survey

Amber’s work-life balance survey template asks questions to help you assess whether your employees are over-worked and proactively avoid burn-out.

How would you rate your work-life balance at Jimmy Page?
Would you say you are satisfied with your work schedule and working hours?
How often do you have to prioritize your work over a personal engagement?
Hardly ever.

About Amber's work-life balance survey

Without a healthy work-life balance, your employees can become burned out, make mistakes & become stressed. Using our work-life balance survey template, pinpoint the areas of your workplace that need improvement, & solve them.

Are they forced to work longer hours?
Do they get ample time to destress?
Are they at risk of burning out?
Do they have clear, healthy boundaries to take care of their mental well-being?
How are they balancing their professional lives with their personal lives?
Do they manage to contribute enough productive hours?

Benefits of work-life balance survey

Improve employee productivity

Amber’s work-life balance survey will help you guide your employees to manage their productivity hours, & showcase their best without burning out.

Enhance employee satisfaction

Identify areas where employees are struggling to balance their work and personal lives, and make changes to improve their overall satisfaction with their jobs.

Build a high-performing culture

From reducing employee attrition to lower absenteeism, insights generated from our work-life balance survey, will help you build a winning culture.

Create a positive employer brand

Amber helps you identify engaged employees & share their reviews in job sites like Glassdoor, making your business be more attractive to candidates.

  • Work-life balance survey questions
Do you feel overworked on certain days?
Would you say you are satisfied with your work schedule and working hours?
Do people in the organization support each other during tough times?
Do you think the organization's policies and practices support a healthy work-life balance?

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Mark Heap, CEO

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