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Training experience survey

Use Amber’s training experience survey to identify the impact of your workplace training programs & assess their overall effectiveness.

Were the objectives of the training clearly laid out at the beginning of the session?
To a great extent
Did you find the topics covered during the session relevant?
Yes, they were!
Did you learn anything new in the training?
Yes. It was very insightful.

About Amber's training experience survey

This template includes questions to provide real-time insights on the current state of your training program & what you should do to improve them.

Running your training experience survey along your employee lifecycle will not only help you measure the learning outcomes but also monitor how the training has improved an employee’s performance over time.

Was the training course effective?
Do they feel more confident in their role?
Has their performance improved?
Are they enthusiastic to learn more to do their job better?
Is your organization benefitting from the training program?

Is the training content still relevant?

Benefits of training experience survey

Maximize L&D ROI

From improvement in employee skills or simply the number of trained employees or greater annual revenue, adjust the key drivers in your L&D program to improve ROI.

Enhance training quality

From content to duration and training method, identify what went well for your participants, & areas of improvement to improve your training program’s efficiency.

Improve training

NPS See the real impact of your training programs on your bottomline, identify the drivers behind your best NPS performers, & scale the insights to your entire workforce.

Boost employee performance

With actionable insights, design your training programs to provide the right resources that enhance their skills to help your people do their best work consistently.

  • Training experience survey questions
Did you find the topics covered during the session relevant?
Did the trainer encourage healthy participation and interaction during the session?
What did you like the most about this training and what's the one thing that you think could be better?
Would you want to be notified about similar sessions in the future?

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