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High stakes, high rewards: A CHRO's guide to 4X team output

Shivangi Gautam

31 January 2024

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🔊 Big shoutout to Hemali Maher, our rockstar Senior People Scientist and the genius behind this incredible research.  

Hey there, let's talk shop! 

Did you know that your high performer can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer?

You've got a team of all-stars - your high performers. But here's the twist we know fully well: they might be eyeing the exit. 

In this edition of the People-Led Newsletter, we bring to you a condensed and actionable version of the Employee Intelligence report we prepared for one of Asia’s leading food and agribusiness. The report details key employee insights implemented by the company’s HR leaders to retain top talent by engaging the high performers and activating silent employees!

…Report! Tell me more? 

inFeedo’s People Scientists compiled top employee metrics like:

  • Employee performance and ratings
  • Exit sentiments
  • Engagement scores
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Stakeholder experience (manager, team, work, organization culture).

These metrics were then studied in combinations, with their patterns and trends distilled. Finally, the Employee Intelligence report was created, just like an X-ray report of an organization’s employee retention health.

Wait! Why am I privy to this internal report?

It’s all legal and confidential. 😉 

We’ve put in the hours so you don’t have to. Get ready to access your very own employee retention cheat sheet. 

Read on, and make notes! 📝

1. The high performer paradox

Here's a wake-up call: only 4 out of your 10 top performers are highly engaged! Even more concerning, their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are 4 points lower than the rest of your workforce. This data point is a red flag, signaling that your best might be feeling undervalued or overlooked. Employee retention starts with understanding their needs.

Insights from People Science:
  • High performers set high standards for themselves as well as the organization. Critical dissatisfaction leads to silent behavior, burnout, or even attrition.
  • Low performers might be more cautious about sharing their honest feedback. This is inferred from their high NPS ratings.
  • Despite getting a high rating, high performers tend to find the appraisal process unfair. Their dissatisfaction lies in salary hikes and role expectations.

2. It’s trouble when your best people don't speak up

Alarmingly, 26% of high performers are keeping their feedback to themselves. Why? We see that your silent high performers might be convinced that no action will be taken around their feedback. This kind of silence can create dangerous blind spots for any organization. This silence is a retention killer.

Employees are often silent about their feedback because of:
  • Lack of visible on-ground actions basis their previous feedback.
  • Fear of retaliation.
  • Their voice not being heard and valued.

3. Engagement vs. Performance: The unexpected twist

Now let’s talk about Gen X & Y folks, especially those with more than three years of experience in the organization, and lower in the hierarchy. Our research suggests that while they’re highly engaged, they’re not performing at their best.

High engagement scores do not necessarily warrant high performance. It suggests a comfort zone in the current ecosystem, a hesitancy to voice concerns, and potentially unmet training needs. 

High engagement but low performance in Gen X & Y could be a result of:
  • Sense of comfort within the organization
  • Discomfort in sharing negative feedback due to risk to job security
  • Lack of training or skills required to improve performance.

The ripple effect 

Your high performers aren't just meeting their own goals; they're setting the bar higher for everyone in the organization. Embrace the 4-point action plan, and watch as the positive effects cascade through your organization.

4-point action plan from us, to you!
  1. Talk it out: Honest conversations are your first step. Emphasize the importance of employee surveys, and make town halls a space for real talk.
  2. Move with purpose: Run focus group discussions with employees to understand their silence on surveys.
  3. Get into the details: Regional HRBPs must connect 1:1 with high performers regularly to understand their experience regarding their R&R expectations and hike percentage.
  4. Reskill and re-assess: Design a career growth plan for Gen X and Gen Y employees for vertical band movement every 1-2 years.


The blueprint for a thriving, successful organization lies in listening, understanding, and then crafting an employee experience that speaks to the unique needs and aspirations of your workforce. 

Ready to leverage learnings from this benchmark Employee Intelligence Report? Redefine employee surveys with inFeedo!

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