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State of AI
and Automation in HR 2024

Featuring CHRO insights, real-world examples and proactive people strategies to build productive and high-efficiency workplaces.

58 %

HR leaders are either already using AI or in the process of adopting it

76 %

HR professionals see existing roles changing and new ones emerging

77 %

HRs have not tapped into automation and AI for employee engagement

Co-created with insights from 8 HR leaders

Abhay Srivastava

IKS Health

Debolina Dutta


Dieter Veldsman


Elton Nathan

Apollo Health & Lifestyle

Nathan SV


Sanjay Singh

CMS Info Systems

Sanket Salvi

Servier India

Vaibhav Goel

Reliance Industries 

What’s Inside?

5 AI in HR trends that every HR professional should look out for
Actionable insights to address your pressing questions automation and AI
Real-world examples and success stories of AI from top HR leaders

HR leaders speak

People often worry that AI will take away their jobs, but the reality is, it will automate mundane tasks. It will open doors to more advanced roles that demand extra skills and education. That’s a crucial shift to remember.

Nathan SV
Partner & (ex)Chief Talent Officer - Deloitte

With HR tech, we're now spending less time on screening candidates in the preliminary rounds. In the long run, automation will enable us to save costs, boost effectiveness, and make us more competitive.

Sanket Salvi
HR Director, Servier India

We need to move out of this mindset that I buy and implement. You have to buy, implement, manage, and mature. That's the thing we need to get right because only by doing that we will be able to scale.

Dieter Veldsman
Chief HR Scientist - AIHR & ex-CHRO

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