inFeedo's EX Framework: How Amber Ensures an Employee-First HR Mindset

Ever wondered what makes Amber empathetic while helping HR across 100 organizations in 50 countries be employee first? Our People Science team through years of primary research has built a framework that fuels Amber's AI engine to touchbase with every employee at the right time and moment in the organization. 

Underneath Amber’s empathy and persona is inFeedo's EX framework, which is constantly updated based on feedback received from both employees and HR. You can now download our extensive white paper on what's behind this heavy body of research that makes Amber a leading AI employee engagement chatbots in the industry. 

1. How Amber Ensures Every Employee Voice Heard and Valued 

At the core of Amber is her focus on being employee first, always. By remaining a steadfast ally to every member of an organization and considering all key moments in an employee's lifecyle,  Amber touches base frequently to have a conversation and capture feedback in real time. Download your copy of the whitepaper and get a deep dive into the driver-element framework that puts the employee experience first, above all else.

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2. How Amber’s Modules Curates Actionable Takeaways from Hire to Retire

Amber’s repertoire of modules make her an effective tool for measuring and nurturing the employee life cycle. From the moment they enter the organization to the moment they leave Amber periodically checks up on the employee as part of the Tenure module. Moments that Matter allows Amber to engage when key changes affect employees, and the Exit module is one of the last interactions they’ll have even after the employee leaves the organization

3. How HR Leaders Maximize Employee Engagement ROI 

Amber's customer success metrics are an example of what companies can achieve when they adopt an employee-first principle. When your workforce is in a place to succeed, where they’re engaged, it positively contributes to making your organization a great place to work. Find out how Tata CLiQ achieved 24x ROI inside.

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AI is driving the next wave of employee engagement strategies and best practices thinking, and Amber has one of the strongest foundations around. Her employee-first EX-EN framework helps put your employees and your company in a position for success. And at the core of that is her robust driver-element framework, built from responses from over 300,000 employees across 50 countries.

Download your copy and take the first steps towards putting Amber’s employee-first framework to use at your company.

Clay Walsh
Clay Walsh
Content Writer at inFeedo

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