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Navigating Covid-19: 3 Keys for Organizations to Come on Top

COVID-19 is here, and there's no escaping the effects that have already impacted our planet. Remote work is at an all time high as city after city locks down. The stock markets of the world are reflecting this uncertainty in the business sphere, with companies across the planet reeling and trying to fill the gaps.

Beyond the capital effects of the virus on businesses there's a huge employee issue at hand as well. Isolation, fear of illness, shortage of resources, and more are all potential stressors weighing on the minds of the people who make up the companies in free fall. Where do we go from here?

Getting the Tools You Need

Now is the time to move forward with a clear head to steady the ship in this turbulent time. For CXOs and HRBPs developing a clear, organized, and consistent action plan is the best way to keep things running as smooth as possible during this disruptive period. Our people science team has worked to develop a comprehensive employee care kit to help give you the tools you need to make sure your team functions at its highest capacity and your employees feel safe and informed during this crisis. These are some best practices that we've observed across our 100+ employee-first customers 



So what's inside the kit?

A Quick Digest

1. Ask your employees the questions that matter. This is bigger than business, this is a people problem. And making sure your employees feel safe is the best way to keep them motivated.

2. Use your tools! Leverage every work from home software that helps your team communicate and collaborate. A face to face call goes a long way.

3. Lead by example. It's up to you to be the role model people can look up to when they're worried or anxious. Projecting an aura of calmness and normalcy can go a long way towards influencing the people around you.


What's Next?

Now more than ever the world needs leaders to step up and make a difference. With this toolkit, you can be the beacon to guide your organization to safer shores. People need calming voices, organization, and sources of reliable information.

It's up to the CXOs and HRBPs to keep the ship afloat at business's of all sizes, as without decisive leadership the economic downturn we're currently facing could be even longer and more severe. Use our toolkit to lead from the front for your workforce.

Clay Walsh
Clay Walsh
Content Writer at inFeedo

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