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“Even if I 3X our number of HRBPs and they spent 4X the hours with each employee, that kind of insight would NEVER have come.”

Former Exec VP HR

Meet Amber
your Chief Listening Officer

Amber brings together the power of conversational-AI & a native NLP engine, to have intelligent conversations with your people from their first interview to offboarding.

You may see your workforce as happy, engaged & charged.

Slide right to uncover the true picture

In reality, they could be sad, disengaged, & burnt-out.

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By having natural & empathetic conversations at scale, Amber creates a safe space for your people to share candid feedback which helps people leaders to track engagement & close experience gaps, in real-time.

Amber’s there for your people at every step

Backed by people science & AI, Amber collects actionable feedback across all critical milestones in their lifecycle.

Candidate EX

Increase your offer acceptance rate by leveraging real-time insights on your candidate experience, powered by intelligent conversations Amber has with your hiring pipeline.

Onboarding EX

Set up your new hires for a successful & long tenure. Close the gaps in your onboarding journey with AI-driven insights.

Key Moments

Continuously engage your employees with automated reach outs from Amber. Amber triggers intelligent conversations during key milestones such as, 30, 60, 90 day, manager change, performance review etc.


Know the answer to the single most important question for your people strategy, “how likely are your people to recommend your company as a place to work?”.

Pulse Surveys

Without writing a single line of code, start your employee listening journey with 17+ ready-to-use pulse templates.

Exit Feedback
Know exactly why your people are leaving by inspiring honest & actionable feedback from your departing employees.
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2. Onboarding
3. Moments
4. eNPS
5. Pulse
6. Exit
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Scaling the human in Human Resources with AI

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Analyzes sentiment, accurately

Extending the power of a native NLP, Amber shows a whopping 90% accuracy in detecting hidden emotions behind employee feedback.

Responds with empathy

Amber can respond to your people in a natural and human way at scale. She understands emotions & picks her responses accordingly.

Understands employee intent

Amber’s smart AI quickly identifies the intent in employee comments & will follow-up according to the sentiment, at scale.

Remembers every conversation

Amber builds rapport with your people and wins their trust by remembering context from previous conversations.

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Powerful People Analytics To Help You Win

  • Textual Analytics
  • Engagement Drivers
  • Early warning system
  • Real-time engagement scores

Textual Analytics

Summarises millions of conversations into few relevant keywords to surface hidden insights & truly understand employee feedback.

Engagement Drivers

Our EX framework maps all responses to 22 drivers & quantifies what truly drives engagement at your organisation.

Early warning system

Identifies at-risk employees & alerts the right manager in real-time, to intervene & take pre-emptive actions.

Real-time engagement scores

Cohort-wise engagement scores to help you deep dive into what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Your people. Your tools. Your languages.

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No more logging into multiple tools. Try integrations!

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Engage your teams with conversational AI in 100+ languages

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From Amber's questions to action planning - We're 100% backed by People Science.

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Enterprise-grade security measures to keep your private data, private!

Don’t wait for the next great resignation

Invest in your people today. If not now, when?

“Amber is a real member of my team!”

Head of Human Resources

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