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4 Takeaways on Leveraging Millenial Mindset to Stabilize Uncertainty

Clay Walsh

Last Updated: 13 February 2023

Our key takeaway from recent virtual group discussions was adopting a millennial mindset by being willing to change old systems and reinvent processes. How else can businesses stay agile during this unpredented period? Read till the end to find out how you can be a leader who thinks on their feet and embraces change.

Each week, we are joined by global HR leaders to brainstorm, share learnings, and collect insights on how organizations can come out on top of this crisis. You can also be a part of one of our upcoming virtual group discussions. Check out our upcoming events here!

Here's what we've learnt from our most recent sessions: 

1. Create Recurring Engagement Campaigns to Keep Employees Engaged

Rather than isolated reach outs or one-off sessions, our attendees stressed on consistent engagement campaigns as the only way to help keep employees in touch with the company. Whether this is running long term challenges or contests, hosting weekly events, or employee gamification techniques a dedicated and consistent employee engagement strategy is crucial. 

2. Use Work from Home to Build a Global Mindset

With the success of WFH our attendees are looking towards the future applications of remote work, and beginning to consider how geographical barriers are being eliminated by the pandemic. One attendee every postulated that geographical constraints may no longer have an impact on hiring. A remote workforce doesn't necessitate proximity, so leverage your effective WFH processes and consider hiring talent that isn't located where you are.

3. Budget for Success by Identifying Crucial Expenditures and Removing Excess Ones 

Our attendees stressed that budgeting intelligently for the coming year is going to be a crucial exercise to ensure sustained business success. In a period of uncertainty conservative spending is a necessity, but that doesn't mean you should eliminate key tools. 

4. Taking on a Millennial Mindset and Developing New Skills

All our attendees stressed that now more than ever is a time to be entrepreneurial and experimental.Try to be more open to new ideas, look for outside the box solutions, and improve your own skillset. Curious to know what a millennial mindset is at work

These sessions have so far been a treasure trove in terms of learnings and we will ensure the word gets out for every organization to implement and navigate this stressful, changing period together. 

We would love to thank the HR leaders who make time to do their bit for their people and business as we cope with COVID-19 together.

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