How Clix Capital Makes HR Data Driven with an Engagement Chatbot

“When I look at engagement surveys I honestly felt they are very outdated. One big reason is they’re not real time. By the time you get the results it’s already just too late.” said Aditya Kohli, CHRO Clix Capital.

Aditya Kohli and his team at Clix Capital had a problem; their yearly surveys just weren’t giving his team the insights they needed to lower attrition and solve employee concerns. Aditya knew he needed a new tool to create a positive workplace culture.  That tool? Amber.

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Clix Capital HR Team's Problem Statement

The three main issues Aditya and his team faced were:

  • Lack of real-time feedback resulting in ownership dilution
  • Real time surveys lacked concrete insights and averaged out data 
  • Lack of ability to drill down into specific areas

When Clix Met Amber 

1. Real-time Actionable Insights on Employee Sentiment & Concerns 

With Amber, Aditya can check the People to Meet module to see in real time what employees are struggling, and who needs to be met with. Rather than receiving useless, non-specific feedback he and his team can get info which they can use to make a difference. 

2. Individual Feedback Captured, Highlighted & Addressed 

Real time, person based feedback was an impossible exercise with yearly surveys. Sentiments were masked by averaging across a large workforce. The specificity of Amber helps fix issues that otherwise would’ve been lost in the shuffle. 

3. Employee Engagement Prioritized even during COVID-19

Having Amber during the initial lockdown and the continuing work from home period has allowed Aditya and the team to keep Clix an employee-first company by rapidly and agilely implementing best practices as issues arise.

How Do Employees Feel?

Employees love Amber. Her feedback rates are onwards of 80%, and her unobtrusive method of conversation has made adoption a breeze. Her tangible impacts have made Clix a better place to work, and ensured HR could help with this work-from-home transition


Being Employee-First with AI

Big shout out to Aditya and his team for using a tool that has helped keep employees safe, happy, and motivated even amidst a crisis. We’re proud to work with leaders who prioritize employee well being, and love seeing Aditya reinvent HR with a data heavy focus, something the field has been criticized for before. 

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