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3 Takeaways on the Positive Impact on Employee  Engagement since WFH

Clay Walsh

Last Updated: 9 February 2023

Our key takeaway from recent virtual group discussions was on two metrics that has showed significant shifts within employee dynamics and employee engagement since working from home. Read till the end to discover what these factors were that positively impacted the business since the pandemic hit.

Before we begin, huge shout out to Ola John Oluremi and Taiwo 'Dayo-Abatan for their awesome LinkedIn posts on their learning from the sessions! Click on the photos to engage on their posts.

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Each week, we are joined by global HR leaders to brainstorm, share learnings, and collect insights on how organizations can come out on top of this crisis. You can also be a part of one of our upcoming virtual group discussions. 

Here's what we learned from our most recent sessions:

1. Take Risks

Now more than ever is a time to take bold measures. Whether it’s developing new roles like Chief Health Officer or running outside the box employee engagement campaigns, HR can grow out of this crisis with all these accomplishments under their belt. Taking smart risks that could reap huge dividends in a way to ensure HR can maintain its seat at the table as a key business partner when the pandemic subsides.

Check out our data driven report on changes in the work world so you know where to apply your efforts and take your educated risks.

2. Form a Business Continuity Team

HR, as it becomes a key strategic business partner, has a chance to make an impact through smart restructuring and building new agile teams. One attendee discussed their part in forming a business continuity team to ensure the company’s key goals are highlighted and solved during a crisis period. How can you make an impact? Think outside the box to create new teams and functions that can pick up key objectives during this period.

3. Nurture Organization-Wide Empathy 

One inspiring statistic was that organization-wide empathy has actually improved at a variety of companies. What’s the cause of this, and how can you help drive it further? While a large part of it is fundamental sympathy as a core value, a function HR plays a huge role in. Another part is increased communication and leeway given to employees. Recognizing that leadership is working in their best interest is inspiring to rank and file employees, so keep driving your leadership group to engage, and keep ensuring managers aren’t micromanaging. 

4. Observe how Employee Engagement & Trust has Redefined & Increased during Crisis 

Remote work has actually increased both trust and engagement scores. This reflects a large change in the way businesses have been forced to function in WFH, and testifies to the success of these new initiatives. A remote workforce necessitates increased engagement campaigns and organization wide communication, and we commend our attendees on succeeding in these efforts. 

These sessions have so far been a treasure trove in terms of learnings and we will ensure the word gets out for every organization to implement and navigate this stressful, changing period together.

We would love to thank the HR leaders who make time to do their bit for their people and business as we cope with COVID-19 together.

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