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Success Story: How Nearbuy enhanced its culture with Amber, inFeedo

Akshay Khetrapal

Last Updated: 30 January 2023

“40% employees think that Amber is real . She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way of interacting at scale. ” Ankur Warikoo, Founder, Nearbuy

Nearbuy is India’s very first hyper-local online platform present in 35+ cities and 18+ categories with over 50,000 merchants across 100,000+ unique locations.

Employees: 300+ | Industry: E-commerce/Retail | Region: India

Nearbuy’s Experience with chatbots like Amber in HR


3 Challenges Nearbuy faced before Amber:

a) Regular engagement with employees across locations

The need was to understand how employees feel, how their first day/month/year has been, whether they are aligned to the organisation’s vision, if they feel they’re growing, if they want to continue doing what they do, if they are happy, and if they are not then why?

b) Huge manual effort + Lack of culture reports

Keeping track of 1:1 interactions, employee experiences was entirely manual. Feedback being collected was not always genuine as employees got intimidated by HR connects. What completely lacked, was trends that would allow the CEO to look at the organisation at an aggregate view.

c) Loss of employee pulse after month 1 of their joining

By design, Nearbuy was spending a lot of time with new joiners, making them feel heard, appreciated, and understood. However, since interactions beyond their first month were not happening, HR landed up completely ignoring people those who had already been in the system.

3 key results with Amber in the picture:

a) Automated entire process of employee interventions

  • 87% people interacted with Amber 2–6 times a year
  • Proactively surfaced 73 employees who needed attention
  • Achieved a 4.1/5 average mood score across the company

b) Increased CEO productivity + Outsourced cultural audit

Outsourced cultural audit to an A.I. bot and saved CEO’s most useful time to actually engage with employees who are in need or understand their concerns...rather than the administrative task of gathering their feedback or their opinions which is what he used to do in the past.

c) Helped entire workforce feel heard and valued

Amber has made the entire purview of ‘Hey we wanna make you heard and we wanna make you understood.. ’ not just to new joiners but to everyone at the organisation.

Amber in 2019:

  • Predictive Analytics + Machine Learning :Predicting people who are on the verge of leaving before they leave.
  • Personal Events: Tracking how events like manager/location/department changes impact employees.
  • ...and a lot more at infeedo.ai

“After 3 to 6 months of using Amber, we noticed that there are many inferences that we can draw from the dashboard reports. We can immediately filter different moods, reach out to people and understand what is going good and not going good.” 

—Teena Chablani, Former Sr. Manager HR, Nearbuy

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