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How Genpact Used Amber to Measure Employee Morale

Last week during a CNBC “@Work” segment Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO and President of Genpact, was asked “How do you judge the mood and morale of your workforce when your workforce is distributed?” His response? That the Amber product suite has allowed Tiger and his team to engage with, track the morale of, and work to improve the work lives of the over 95,000 members of team Genpact. Let’s take a look at how he put it.

Watch the full video here. 


3 takeaways you can implement from Tiger’s experience today 

1. The Time for Remote Employee Engagement is Now

As Tiger said in the beginning of the clip, the fact business leaders are even having empathetic, holistic and tangible conversations about improving employee engagement and morale remotely is a huge step. In many ways COVID-19 forced employee mental health to the forefront, as Tiger mentioned, and fortunately for all employees it will remain a focus area moving forward. Now is the time to start investigating solutions to remote employee engagement, because even though the pandemic will end the need for remote engagement will still exist because of a hybridized work environment.

2. Adapt to a Hybrid Workforce for Success

Tiger highlighted how the overwhelmingly positive response to and success of work from home will ensure that most organizations worldwide will continue to implement a distributed workforce strategy. That means you have to be ready to hit the ground running as offices open, not just to ensure safety for physically present employees but building policies and best practices thinking around how to effectively manage a hybridized workforce. Fortunately, we have an actionable 26 point checklist just for you to help you navigate the transition to a distributed employee base with ease.

3. Embrace AI as an Ally, Not an Adversary

Tiger offered a variety of prescient points about the strength of Amber in recognizing and detecting patterns of unhealthy thinking in employees that has spurred Genpact to hire counselors and create open hotlines for employee concerns. The analytical techniques implemented by machine learning can seem intimidating, but as Tiger said technology like AI is just another tool to help humans do their jobs better. Amber has given the HR Team at Genpact valuable insights that have helped them change the lives of their employees, not replaced HR’s role. Check out this case study on how effective a tool Amber has been for MediaCom and you’ll see how having an AI chatbot can help any HR team reap rewards and protect their employees. 

Watch the full video here. 


Clay Walsh
Clay Walsh
Content Writer at inFeedo

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