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Fostering a culture of listening in healthcare workplaces

In the healthcare industry, engagement is the silver bullet to providing high-quality patient care. And, Amber can help you build a culture of engagement, seamlessly.

staff burnout

Retain your best staff by recognising signs of burnout & auto-alerting the right managers.

employee engagement

Uncover what motivates your staff the most, & enhance the engagement factors, better. 

patient outcomes

Engaged healthcare employees lead to superior quality patient care, & higher satisfaction rates.


Retain your top professionals

Amber continuously tracks employee sentiments with the powerful native NLP, & auto-alerts the right manager. Intervene, connect, & help your staff re-engage, in real-time!


Employee feedback, simplified

With Amber's text analytics engine, know exactly what your staff need, even if they don't tell you. Uncover emerging trends, true sentiments, engagement drivers, & more.


Insights that drive impact

With Amber's intuitive people analytics & action planning repository, understand exactly what motivates your employees, areas of improvement, & act on them. 


Amber helps Seagull Pharma put engagement on autopilot

Seagull Pharma reinvented their employee engagement strategy with Amber and achieved an engagement score of 90.

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Built with scale & security in mind

AES 256 data encryption
AWS HSM for encryption
Quarterly risk Assessment
Quarterly Access Review
Internal Periodic VAPT


  • GDPR , CCPA and LGPD Compliant
  • Only HR Tech solution with servers hosted in India
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • Annual Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Bi-annual VAPT security audit
  • Annual Source Code Review

Top healthcare institutions choose inFeedo

"Interacting with [Amber] is done so well, it feels human, it feels natural, it feels like I am talking to someone who is listening to me."

Terri Bresenham, President & CEO

"We have discovered the technology to [measure employee engagement] better than just humans."


Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO

"My personal take in this whole subject is that today, Amber is helping me prepare better for a qualitative human touch."

Biplob Banerjee, Ex-CHRO

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"Amber gives employees a safe place to share. It has helped us create a very supportive ecosystem."

CHRO at Digit Insurance

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