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Team inFeedo celebrated Diwali 2019 at Sanshil Foundation

Palash Jain

Last Updated: 27 September 2022

There are few moments that define inFeedo as a team. This Diwali, we acknowledged our privilege and decided we bring light and happiness to those who may not seem as blessed as we are but are certainly wiser, stronger, and richer in spirit...something we learned and went back home with in the process. :) 

Chalo, let's all go to spread smiles and... Kuch dhamaal karein at Sanshil Foundation - Bagiya!


Who says we can't paint? Sooooooperb!


It all depends on who your teacher is! By the way, that's Sameera, our People Team Lead, who was also celebrating her birthday!



...and where can you get a teacher who also...


So much attention on one painting.. no wonder they were awesome!


The painting session was a huge hit!




Our Sales and People teams took over this class for more than half hour!



Our AVP - Sales, Bhavan, saying, "Show me your proposal."

(PS: Look at the rest of the sales team at the back fleeing the scene!)




Couldn't have asked for a better Diwali gift this 2019! Thank you, Sanshil Foundation. 


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