Client vs Customer: How We Finally Settled This Big Debate

About 2 months ago, the team at inFeedo assembled for our mid-quarter checkpoint. Among the many questions raised, one that didn’t see immediate resolution was whether we should be calling the organizations we serve ‘clients’ or ‘customers’.


So we thought, and thought, and thought (read: procrastinated) some more…

We Scoured the Internet to Find Meaning

Then We Looked Inwards

The Answer Was Right Under Our Noses

Whether we realised it then or not, we had over time made this decision already.


Much like how we envision HRBPs to transition from a transactional to a consultative partner, internally as a company, we envision the same for ourselves.

To Drive the Point Home, We Looked At Our Industry Peers

And We Concluded…
And We Resolved To…

Amrita Kar
Amrita Kar
Content Specialist at inFeedo

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