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HR on steroids: 5 GenAI use cases for HRs 🦾 (2/2)

Tahseen Kazi

13 June 2023

In this article:

Welcome back to HR on Steroids. 

Last time, we covered the AI landscape broadly, and now we’re making things actionable. 

Dr. Dieter Veldsman — the Chief Scientist at AIHR — also recently shared this on his podcast: “I would dream about a day where nobody has to phone HR to find out what’s in the policy

People leaders want to unlock the potential of generative AI. 

So, we curated 7 Generative AI use cases to spice up your work and reach your goals.

Ready to shake things up? Let’s do this! 

📝JDs & other “repetitive” Documentation 

Generative AI is the perfect tool to create job descriptions, policies (leave, WFH, IT, etc), and more.

💡 Hemant Kumar Ravi (Head-HR at Kantar) and his team fine-tune drafts generated by ChatGPT with a human touch.

It worked really well for me, too 👇


📙 Training & Onboarding

Generative AI can create tailored onboarding plans and L&D programs. 

🎓 Here’s how Praful Tickoo Vice President - Data, Insights, and AI at Genpact approaches Generative AI

"We’re curating a generative AI course on our L&D platform. Traditionally, the way this has worked is apart from the platform there are Gurus and Master Gurus corresponding to a particular topic in Genpact. And once you create certain modules there are connects which Gurus and Master Gurus conduct with a group of people, 15 or 20 odd in a group.

All those questions have been recorded for the last 3 to 5 years. It's a matter of just exposing the corpus to the bot and then start asking similar types of questions. You don't really need Guru or Master Google to conduct those sessions. You can have Gurus and Master Gurus answering 1-1 questions to everyone."

GPT-use-case-2-praful-1Praful Tickoo Vice President - Data, Insights, and AI - Genpact

💬 Employee Experience

Not enough bandwidth to regularly check in with your employees? Automate lifecycle experience, measure engagement & empower managers using GenAI., 

For example, Amber uses GPT-3 to track employee sentiment in real-time and predict at-risk employees, enabling managers to:

  • collect feedback automatically 
  • summarize the feedback
  • acknowledge with personalized emails
  • create customized action plans 

Generative AI ​​empowers HR professionals to respond to employee feedback as it comes in. 

🧐 Candidate Screening

Leverage Generative AI (via tools like DeepBrain AI) to screen candidate resumes based on the JD, generate summaries, and rank candidates so you can find “The One.”

Caution: Generative AI like ChatGPT learns from available data and may unintentionally perpetuate biases.


💁 Employee Helpdesk

Imagine an employee helpdesk that never closes. Thanks to generative AI, there’s no more waiting on hold or sending endless emails — answers are just a few clicks away. 

Suman Gopalan, CHRO at Freshworks, suggests using Generative AI to answer employee questions.

🤖 Suman Gopalan, CHRO at Freshworks, suggests using Generative AI to answer employee questions.

“So a lot of employees write to us saying 'Can you give me an experience letter?', 'Can you give me a reference letter that I can use for my passport?' and even more critical questions like 'Hey, how should I think about my career?' or 'What is the performance review process at this organization?' or 'What does it take to be an MVP at this organization?'And there’s an entire group of people who are actually doing that. Why?

Think about it…so much time & energy is spent on setting up an HR service center…but everything we do there can be done by a bot!”

GPT-use-case-4-sumanSuman GopalanCHRO - Freshworks

💃 Bonus: Have fun!

Who says feedback has to be boring and predictable?

ChatGPT can serve up some pretty amazing content 👇


And help you with inspiration, ideas, or new thinking.

  1. Give me 10 unconventional ideas for employee engagement activities.
  2. Give me creative onboarding kit ideas for employees that are below $150.
  3. Give me 10 funny and quirky lines to put on a new year greetings note for employees. Limit word count to 10 words.  

People Leaders - it’s your time to shine!

AI can remove the mundane and streamline processes, but it can’t replace the “human” in Human Resources.

📻 Dr. Dieter Veldsman shared this on his podcast:

HR has been struggling with releasing ourselves out of a lot of the transactional work and we've been thinking that technology is the answer. I think for a very long time, this is the first real opportunity that we see and that there's an avenue for more contextually relevant work happening in HR through certain technologies and I think that's exciting.

And I think HR should embrace that. I  think there was a movement a while ago when we were walking very much around automation and a lot of HR professionals were not embracing automation for fear that it was going to completely replace them in their roles. I think this is a real opportunity for us to complement and augment those particular roles. 

GPT-use-case-9-dr-dieterDr. Dieter Veldsman, Chief Scientist - AIHR

And just as Tony Stark had J.A.R.V.I.S., Generative AI can be your sidekick tailored specifically for HR. Use it right, and you can boost your own superpowers and help people find purpose and fulfillment in their work.

Because after all, that’s what the People Function is all about.

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